“WOW, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I received the Agreement from the IRS. Thank you for getting me set up on a repayment plan for the exact amount I wanted to pay.”  

—Neil S. ($200/month payment plan on $110,000 due)


"The Core Consulting Group came in to our problem late in the game. They immediately rolled up their sleeves and began to help us. Core was great and has been very successful in helping us reduce the amount we owed and negotiate a good repayment plan. I would recommend them with no hesitation."

— Tim A., Health Care (saved over $1,000,000)


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The Core Consulting Group handles both business & personal tax issues with the IRS and State Taxing Agencies. We handle:

  • Form 941 payroll tax  
  • State Sales & Use Tax
  • Business Income Tax
  • Form 1040 Personal Income Tax

The Core Consulting Group will …

  • Handle all calls from the IRS & State Revenue Officers so that you can focus on running your business
  • Analyze your financial condition and prepare the required forms to assure you don’t pay a penny more than necessary and that you don’t reveal any harmful information


The Core Consulting Group will use their experience to help you decide which of the following resolutions will work best for you:

Installment Agreement

Don’t let the IRS pressure you into a payment plan that you cannot afford! Let Core Consulting analyze your financial situation and present the IRS with a monthly repayment plan that will work with your current cash flow situation. 

If you don’t think your business can afford the amount the IRS is suggesting then do not agree to pay it. If your business is current with its payroll deposits then the IRS must work with you. 

Call The Core Consulting Group and get someone with knowledge of the IRS Code and how the IRS works to negotiate a repayment plan for you and your business.  Let us review your financial information before you hand it over to the IRS.  

Penalty Abatement

Don’t let the IRS lead you to believe that it is either impossible to decrease your penalties or that penalties are easily removed. Neither is the case; but there are situations that fit the IRS “Reasonable Cause” standard for removing penalties. 

CORE’s consultants have extensive knowledge and expertise in how the IRS works. Knowing the law is half the battle. There are specific reasons that penalties can be removed, the reason must meet a “Reasonable Cause Standard” and not everything qualifies. Unfortunately, cash flow problems are not considered Reasonable Cause by the IRS for penalty removal but a lot of other circumstances do fit the criteria.

If you think you have been wrongly assessed a penalty or qualify for a penalty reduction call The Core Consulting Group!

Offer in Compromise

An Offer in Compromise is a great way to reduce your debt and settle with the IRS if your situation fits the parameters of the program. Requesting an Offer in Compromise is not an easy task; it can be a lengthy and difficult process. Not everyone is a candidate for the Offer in Compromise program, but those that are can expect to save a lot of money!

Pennies on the Dollar”: beware of something that sounds too good to be true. This statement is a marketing gimmick. Do not let someone tell you that you qualify for huge savings before they fully understand your financial condition. If you owe the IRS $100,000 and end up paying back $95,000 you have paid 95 “pennies on the dollar”.

Click here if you want to see what the IRS has to say about how other firms may market this type of resolution. 

Contact The Core Consulting Group for a review of your personal financial situation to find out if you qualify for the Offer in Compromise program or if another solution is better suited to your circumstances.


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The Core Consulting Group can advise you about other strategies that will save you and your company money.  Sometimes the above options are not in your best interest. Taking into consideration the type of business you have, your assets and your goals; we can devise a strategy that works for you.

Let The Core Consulting Group's experts help you decide what option is best for you!

The Core Consulting Group is not a debt relief service.  We do not negotiate credit card debt or other unsecured debt. We do not lower interest rates or provide credit counseling. We exclusively represent taxpayers who are delinquent in paying their taxes to the IRS and State taxing authorities.


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