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IRS Notices

Notice CP504 & CP504B: This notice indicates that your case has progressed to the enforced collection stage of the IRS process but has not yet been assigned to a specific Revenue Officer. The collection of your case is being handles by ACS (Automated Collection Services). If you have received this notice, the next action by the IRS will be to levy your bank accounts.

Letter 1058: This notice indicates that enforced collection action will occur 30 days from the date of this letter. This means that your bank account will be levied and possibly even your Account Receivable and credit card payments if you do not respond quickly. If you have received this notice, call The Core Consulting Group immediately to discuss your options.

Letter 3174: This notice follows the Letter 1058, it is a second notice and does not have a 30 day grace period. This notice is what the IRS calls a “refresher notice”; meaning they are reminding you that you have not addressed your liability and they are going to proceed with enforced collection immediately.

Letter 1153: This notice indicates that the IRS has progressed to assessing the Trust Fund portion of your business debt to you personally under your Social Security Number. This will affect your personal credit rating and collection action will be pursued against you and your personal assets.


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